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My Blogging Family,

There are several categories on this blog.  Please see my side-bar for the others.

I decided to make this blog as a backup to my ever-growing blog roll list and, so as not to overflow my other blog, I made this one.  I have a blog here at An English Girl Rambles 2016 

I add blogs when I have the time and if I have forgotten any and you would like me to add yours, please let me know by dropping me a comment on my main blog (link above).  I promise you I do not ignore anyone.  I just run out of time and memory (the old brain box is not what it used to be).  The comment feature is not turned on here as it is purely for visitors to enjoy other blogs.

Alternatively, if there are any blogs that are no longer active, I will catch up and delete eventually.  It takes a while for me to do that.  
If, however, they remain open for all to see even though there are no up to-date posts, it is still fun to browse through them.

I have started adding the hosts and location where each blog is from, when available.  I wish the idea had come to me sooner but I will add them when new or revisiting blogs.  It is pretty amazing that we have so many blogging friends visiting from around the world.  My geography and understanding of other cultures is widening.  Broadening one's mind to the outside world is the first step to bringing us all closer together, in so many ways.

The blogs immediately below are not alphabetical .  However, those on the longer list are.  I tend to make additions as I find them.  Then eventually I alphabetize, though I am slow doing this lately.  Very slow in fact.  It gives me a chance to visit the new blogs frequently for a while.  Please click on each one which will take you to that blog.  

This list is getting long!  I'll have to take some time to alphabetize them, but in the meantime...

IFLScience is a UK-based science website that is a part of LabX Media Group, a Canadian-based corporation located in Midland, ON, Canada, with remote offices in the UK.

Occasional Toronto - RedPat, Toronto, Canada

She Keeps A Lovely Home - hosted by Genevieve

Acorn Hollow - Cathy in New Hampshire, USA

Cath@Home - Australia 

Millie's Cozy Cottage - hosted by Debbie in Texas, USA.

Being Ron - not sure which city, I think USA.  

Chambers on the Road - Betty from St. Charles, Missouri - introduction: I hope you will come along on our journeys and that you will enjoy reading my blog.  I hope you find it uplifting, and that it gives you a few smiles and maybe even an idea or two.  Comments are very much appreciated, and I will respond to all.  Thank you for reading, and Happy Travels!

Shrimpton and Perfect - Derbyshire, UK

Back2OurSmallCorner - Beverley and daughter D in Birmingham, England 

Coffee On The Porch With Me - Ontario, Canada

Along The Way - Jen in the UK

Always Smiling - Chris in Wales, UK

Reflections from Crumbly Acres - Jenn in Perth, Ontario, Canada

Buzz and Flutter - Florence in Eastern Ontario, Canada

Exploration Photography - Larry in Pennsylvania, USA 

A Spirit of Simplicity - New England, USA

Hopie's Kitchen - New England, USA

Dream Home Cooking Girl - Alabama, USA (last recipe posted in November 2021 but still open recipes that are fun to look through)

Hopie's Kitchen - New England, USA

Black Country Wench - Maggie, West Midlands, UK

Picture This - Maggie, West Midlands, UK

On the Road and at Home - Rosie in Australia

Perennial Passion - Diana in Michigan, USA - last post was on 10-21-22 but it is still open and she shares her lovely garden.

J.J. Wildlife Photography - last post was in December 2013 but it is still open and has truly wonderful wildlife photos

A Smaller and Simpler Life - Sue in Lancashire, UK

Trading Ashes for Beauty - Jennifer in Virginia, USA

Sal's Snippets - Newton Abbot, UK

Mike Powell - My Journey Through Photography - Virginia - “So far I am shooting primarily flowers and insects and am learning more and more about shooting closeups and macro shots.”

Saratoga Woods and Waterways - Jacqueline Donnelley - Saratoga County, New York - this is a great nature blog 

Traveling Around - Rose in Australia

I'm Always Adventuring
Also on Facebook

The Happy Whisk - blog host is Ivy 

Crafty Gardener - Linda from Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario, Canada

Crockern Farm - Roger and Catherine - heart of Dartmoor, South Devonshire, England

Two Blondes Walking - Lucy and Fi - Dartmoor Hikers and 

Reconnected with Gaelyn, the GeoGypsy
You can check out her story here:

Found the following two blogs on 10-31-22

Notes of Life - Nikki - Mid Wales, United Kingdom

Jo - Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Found the next blog on 10-26-22

From My Carolina Home - hosted by Carole.

Her introduction is as follows:

"Hi, I'm Carole.  So glad you are here!  Follow my blog for lots of fun things, new tutorials, quilt alongs, cardmaking, crafts, cooking, gardening and more."

Brand new blog next as of 9-25-22 is: 

Notes of Life - hosted by Nikki from Mid Wales, UK.

Nikki's introduction in part is as follows:

“From the heart of the hills of Mid Wales, I’ve been blogging for years… Long before the term “blogging” became a common word in society. With this blog I hope to bring you many posts about UK travel, stationery, photography, books, films, deals and much, more more.”

The following I have had on here for a while and they have to be filed.  I'm a bit slow with such things.  

Not a blog but if you live in Virginia like I do, and need a wildlife rehabilitator, on this page scroll down to the button that says “show all locations”, then press the search button next to it, and it will give you a list of names for your area.  

Bald Hiker

Bald Hiker, founded by Paul Steele in 2010, started life as a personal travel blog showing the walks and hikes he was taking around the world. A way to show what he was seeing and feeling.

Over the years it has grown into a vibrant well read and shared site. Friends he has met and conversed with all over the world have joined him in sharing their stories and now the website is filled with not just walks and travel, but stories from all walks of life from all over the world. You can today also find food and drink, places to stay, tech gadgets, fashion and clothing. Pieces on nature and animals from all corners of the globe. A place where you can experience our personal views on the places we’ve visited, from idyllic beaches, great hikes, to wonderful accommodation, our personal reviews on tech and kit we use, and of course the food we love…

“Along the lanes I’d love to send, near Artist’s Mews, on Writer’s Bend.  Where fragrant flowers of every hue sparkle in the morning dew.  I wish I lived in Carver’s Valley, Quilter’s Creek or Cross Stitch Alley.  Just think of all the things I’d make, if I lived by Crafter’s Lake…. If gardening is more your thing you might prefer my gardening blog… “

The following blog is all about birds.  I will file it in the Nature section eventually.  It seems to be a once a year posting but it has very interesting information throughout.  Last posting was in March 2021, so he should be posting another one in a couple of months.  You can go here to read about him.  You can also check out great photos of his from an article he shared on 10,000 Birds right here.

The Birders Report - Larry Jordan - California USA

The Outside Story - another wonderful blog with various nature articles from several writers, a wealth of information.  

Wildlife Online: I was looking at the squirrel page below

This is also another great blog with many other blogs this lady has shared.  Penny from Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Chicago Ornithological Society - founded by professional ornithologists in December 1912, Chicago Ornithological Society promotes the appreciation and conservation of birds throughout the Chicago region.

with me being particularly interested in the following article:

All the above to be filed at a later date.


4GottenFotos  -  Kay, Canyon Country, California, USA - no longer publishing new posts but still open.  Lovely photos!

Kay's Photoblog - Canyon Country, California, USA - 

Closed in 2015 but still open for browsing. 

5 Minutes for Mom  -  Susan and Janice

8&Ruth - last post was on May 19th, 2015 but still open

A Bit of Blarney - Cath, San Francisco, CA, USA 

A Colorful World - Marie in Arizona, USA 

Acornmoon - Valerie in Cheshire, England

A Creative Harbor - last post July 11th, 2017, but still open. 

A Day of Small Things - Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Adelaide and Beyond  -  Dianne from Australia

Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe

Adventures Before Dementia  -  Diane, Brisbane, Australia  

Adventurings  -  Cynthia, an American living in the Czech Republic

A French Garden - Amelia

A Full-time Life  -  Sallie in Florida, USA

A Garden Wench - last post July 8th, 2016 but still open

A Geriatric Grandmother  -  Mimsie from Hamilton Hill, WA, Australia

A Guide to Northeast Gardening  -  the south shore of Long Island, New York, USA

A Journal of Days  -  Leonora in Fincastle, Virginia

A Joyful Cottage

A Hebridean in New Zealand  -  GB, spending the summers in both Scotland and New Zealand                   

Alchemy of Clay - Barbara in North Carolina, USA

All Creatures Big and Small  - Joo from Upper Silesia, Poland

A Little Piece of Me

All of Nature   -   Minnesota, United States - last post August 14th, 2017 but still open.

All Things French  -  France - last post January 30th, 2017 but still open.

Al's Photography Blog  -  Colorado, US  (originally from London)

Amazing Australian Adventures

Amish Stories - last post July 26th, 2015 but still open.

Amish Photos by Bill Coleman - still open.

A Mixed Bag  -  Valerie from Sutton Coldfield in Central England, UK
                            No longer posting but still open. 

An Arkies Musings  -  Richies in Mena, Arkansas, USA

Ana White, Homemaker - a great do-it-yourself blog - Alaska, USA

Andi's English Attic - last post September 16th, 2016 but still open

An English Travel Writer

Andrea in this Lifetime

Angie in Yanchep - last post May 22nd, 2017 but still open.

Anna Pearl's Attic  -  Sherone in Wyoming, USA - old blog

Anna's Pear's Attic - new blog

A New Day Dawns

Anne's Creative Cornucopia  -  Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Another Bird Blog 

Antigoni's Diary  -  Greece  - last entry 2013 but till open

Apple Apricot - Wen 

A Quiet Life - (Carolyn's old blog (View from the Castle) - Ireland
last entry January 12th, 2014 but still open 

Arctic View  - last post May 7th 2016 but still open. 

A Rich Tapestry

Around California  -  Martha Z from Lincoln, California - last post  July 27th, 2013 but still open

Around Roanoke, VA (A Daily Photo)

Around the Bend  - West Virginia - last post July 9th, 2015 but still open.

Art and Sand   -   Carol in California, USA

Art-e-facts: encounters with objects in museums

Katharine A, in London, UK - last post December 6th, 2015 but still open 

A Shepherd's Voice - last post June 21st, 2012 but still open 

Ashrunner's World - last post December 14th, 2013 but still open 

Ash Tree Cottage - Susan and Bentley



At Home 'n About - Phoenix, Arizona, USA - last post as of this update (8-10-16) was on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 but still open for browsing.   

At Home with Gemma 

At Riverside Cottage - Texas, USA

At the Farm  -  Gail, Melbourne, Arkansas, USA- last post January 31st, 2017 but still open  


Auckland West  -  Paul in New Zeland - last post November 4th, 2017 but still open 

Auntie Dogma's Garden Spot  

Autumn Sky Ranch - Denise in the Central Coast of California, USA 
A View from Carmine Superior  - last post March 30th, 2013 but still open 

A View from the Edge - last post December 22nd, 2013 but still open 

Away for the weekend  -  Karen, New England, USA 


Back Yard Biology - Minnesota, USA

Bacon's Rebellion  -  Virginia, USA

Barbara at Whispering Photos  -  Caldwell, Idaho, USA - last post Saturday, April 27th, 2013 but still open to browse through. 

Barnacle Goose Paperworks  -  Carol, Wamberal, NSW, Australia - last post Saturday, December 12th, 2015 but still open to browse through.  

Battery Plant Database - USA

BBC Nature

Beautiful Brixham  -  Seagull Suzie, South Devon, England

Beauty Flows - Tammie Lee, Whitefish, Montana, USA 

Beautiful Flower Pictures - Patty, a photographer in the USA

Beep's Blog - Canada 

Bell of Peace, from Bali to the World - Gede Prama, Bali

Betsy's Photo Blog  -  Tennessee, USA

Betsy's Wildwood Christmas - Virginia, USA

Betsy's Wildwood Home  -  Virginia, USA

Beyond the Dog Dish

Beyond the Lone Islands - Dawn Treader, Sweden

Beyond Zephyr   -   United States

Bfb's Outdoor Ramblings  -  Dave - East Cheshire, United Kingdom

Bibliophile By the Sea

bikesbirdsandbeasts  -  Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bill's Ponderings

Birding Across Texas  -  Webster, Texas, USA

Birding Is Fun   -   Ken  -  South Florida, USA

Birds Birds Birds and Birds

Birding for Pleasure  -  Margaret Adamson, Northern Ireland  

Birds, Blooms, Book, etc. - Marcia in Maryland, USA

Bonjour et Bon Voyage

born image photography - Deborah, Indiana, USA
Brattleboro  -  Vermont, USA 

Breathe In...Breathe Out..

Busy Bee Productions  -  Busy Bee Suz from Florida, USA

Buttons Thoughts - Grace (Buttons) from Ontario, Canada 

Caligraphy in the View - Ruma from Saga, Japan

Carver's Photographic Journey  -  USA

Carver's Sight or is that Site?  - Blog now closed as of February 2014 - USA

Cashjocky's Photos

Cats, Dogs and Eiderdowns

Cat Tales  -  Georgia, USA 

Cathy at Home - Australia - last post Friday, 13th May, 2016 but still open for browsing as of this update on 8-10-16.

Cathy @ Still Waters  -  Cathy's New Blog - The Foothills of the Dandenongs, Close to the Yarra Valley, Melbourne Victoria, Australia  

cathy@home   -   Israel

Cathy@Still Waters - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Cedarmere Farm  -  Christa at Free Union, Virginia 

Central Ohio Nature - Ohio, USA

Changes in the Wind - Arizona, USA 

Changes in the Sun - Lisa in Texas, USA

Chateaubriant Daily Photo

Chateau Gudanes  -  An Australian couple renovating an old Chateau in the South of France

Cher Shots   -   Upper Michigan, USA

North Yorkshire’s Craft Guru  -  Cherie - North Yorkshire, UK

Christine's Blog  -  
Christine in Ontario, Canada

Chronicles of a Country Girl 

Christine & Her Camera - Christine in the United Kingdom

Cindy Dyer's Blog   -   country unknown

City Daily Photo
alphabetize later

Clay and Limestone - Gail, Tennessee, USA 

Close Up and Personal Photography  -  Janice in Austen, Texas, USA

Codlinsandcream2  -  Bovey Belle from Carmarthen, Wales, UK

Coffee on the Porch With Me  -  Ontario Canada

Coffee with the Hermit  -  Houston, Texas, USA

Color Outside the Lines

Come Away With Me - Sara, Southern California, USA

Comfort Spiral - Cloudia, Oahu, Hawaii, USA 

Coming up close...  -  Amy in the Kaipara of New Zealand   

Commonplace Beauty Photography 

Barbara I. Hale, New England, USA 

Commox Photo Blog - Stephanie, Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Connections More  -  Montrose, Pennsylvania, USA        

Confessions of a Laundry Goddess  -  Susie, Houston, Texas, USA 

Contented Naturalist, The - Jodi from Montgomery County, Maryland, USA - last post as of this update on 8-10-16 was Monday, March 21st, 2016 but still open for browsing.

Cornelly Culture

Cottage Country Reflections   -  Jennifer A. Jilks - Perth, Ontario, Canada

Cottage Tails - Leanne in New Zealand

Country Captures  -  South Central Pennsylvania, USA


Crafty Gardener - Linda in Ontario, Canada 

Cranberry Morning  -  Wisconsin, USA

Craver-Vii  -  Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA

Cream of the Crop  -  Stewart, UK  - last entry January 28th, 2013 but still open

Cranium Bolts  -  Bangalore, India

Curly Locks and Other Thoughts  -  Dr. Who Fan :)

Curious as a Cath - Cathy Tennessee, USA

Cut and Dry  -  Betty Manousos

Dancing with Sunflowers - Janice from the Isle of Wight, UK

Daniel's View

Dartmoor Ramblings  -  Em Parkinson in Devon, UK

Dawns bloggy blog   -   USA

Day One Photography  -  Fredamans, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Day's to Remember - Linda in Pennsylvania, USA

Deborah Jean's Dandelion House

Deb's Garden

Deckside Thoughts

Decor to Adore  -  Laura

Deep Canyon

Deserts and Beyond

Desert Canyon Living  -  Inger, California, USA

Desert Colors  -  Diane - Arizona, USA

Desert Horses  -  Cheryl Ann  -  desert Southwest, near Palm Springs, California, USA

Diane Cayton-Hakey  -  Virginia, USA 

Dian's Timpanalley - Ruth in Lehi, Utah, USA

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom -  Sandra - Texas, USA

Doug Photo Blog 2011

Down by the Sea  -  Dorset, England 

Dragon's Eye

Draffin Bears-Little Bear Studio  -  New Zealand

Dust on the Nettles  -  Bovey Belle from Carmarthen, Wales, UK               

Eden Hill's Blog

Efcubed Photography  -  Roger Dallman and Mark Segal - Virginia, USA

Eggs In My Pocket, A Needle In My Hand 

Ekon-kuva jarinaa - Eko in Kuusamo, Finland 

Elephant Child - Australia

Fabric Paper Thread  -  Lorrie, Vancouver Island, Canada

Faith, Fabric and Photos  -  Mary in Evansville, Indiana, USA

Familiar Spirits

Family Trees May Contain Some Nuts

Far Side of Fifty

Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio  -  DenPro, Nelsonville, Ohio, USA

Field Notes and Photos  -  Steven Scott in Punta Gorda, Florida 

FilzGarden - Kematen, Tirol, Austria 

Fitzy's (mostly solo) travels - Rose in North Queensland, Australia

Flamingo K's Blogabout - Newport News, Virginia, USA

Florida Birder 

Flower Pictures US

Food, Glorious Food and Life in General
Karen in Reno, Nevada originally from New Zealand

Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains  -  Tennessee, USA


Forrest Dreams  -  Central Florida, USA

fotography by felicia  

Foto Gunnside

Four paws, etc.  -  Sandra in Florida, USA  

Frankly My Dear.......

Freda's Voice  -  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

French Laundry 132  -  Sandy in the Charleston/Suburb, South Carolina, USA

From The House of Edward

From The Sol  -  Andrea 

Frozen Moments  -  Bangalor, India 

Fun in Fairfax VA

Furious Music from an Open Door  -  USA 

Garden Bulb Blog - Bridget 

Garden Delights - Arija, South Australia 


Garden Muse

Garden with Wings - Husband and wife team of Fred Miller and Patty Bigner.  Patty and Fred developed their website to help raise awareness of butterflies and their widespread habitat loss, and to inspire people to create butterfly gardens.   

Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery  

gbkoru  -  Gunilla Bach, Esbo, Finland  

Genealogy Gems News

Geopgypsy, Travel Writer, Photographer  -  Gaelyn is a Park Ranger for US National Parks in the summertime.  

Geogypsy  -  Gaelyn's old blog but is still open.  Thank you Gaelyn!

Georgia Girl with an English Heart  -  Conyers, Georgia (USA)

Gemma's "Greyscale Territory"

Gert Jan Hermus

Gigi's Blog

Gigi-Hawaii  -  Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Gingersnaps  -  Caroline in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA

Girl Unwinding

Glass, Eye and Heart

Going Gently  -  Wales, UK

Good Things Happened  -  Lynn in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Grace Olsson Fotograf  -  Sweden

Grammie's Ramblings   -   Lisbon, Maine, USA 

Green Tomato - Tomoko in Japan 

Grits and Giggles - Queensland, Australia

Heart Song  -  Marilyn  -  Fort Morgan, Colorado, USA

Heather of the Hills   -   Southeast Ohio, USA

Henry Hartley ~ Here and There, Now and Then - Maryland, USA

heyBJK Outdoors

Hike DC Metro

His Prints Photography

Home Is Where The Heart Is  -  Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA
Hood Photography  -  from the Mt. Hood area in Oregon and beyond, USA

Hootin' Anni's

Hoosier at Heart

How to Blog - A Step-by-Step Guide

Huldra's liv og leven  -  Vestfold, Norway

HWIT BLOG - Titti in Öland (an island), Sweden

Ian Ramsay Watercolors

Ibeati  -  Sandy's old blog but it is still open

I'D Rather-B-Birding  -  Anni, Texas, USA


Illinois Birding - Illinois, USA (last post was in 2013 but blog is still open and it has wonderful photos and posts.

Imac's Photos from the Mind's Eye  -  England

Imagination  -  CarolAnn in Canada

Imagini din Delani (Images from Delani) - Romania

Impressions - Calendula, Germany

Improve Photography

Indian Travel

In Love With Sunflower  -  Farida in the Philippines

In search if  -  Jeanne, Lake County, Illinoise, USA

In the Know with RO - North Carolina, USA

iShare  -  Indrani, Bangalore, India

Island Rambles

It Just Comes Naturally  -  Scot, Mid Atlantic USA

It's A Beautiful Life - Brenda, Alberta, Canada

It's All About Purple - Debbie, New Jersey

It's Always Something   -  Lo, North Hollywood, USA

It's A Small Town Life  -  Michelle in south central Kentucky, USA

It's A Strange Life

It's A Wonderful Movie -

i used to hate birds

I wasn't expecting this 


Jane's Journal - United Kingdom

Jan n Jer


Xavi from Barcelona, Spain

J.Bigg's Life in Kentucky - Judy - Kentucky, USA

Jeanni's Art & Stuff - located in Teignmouth, England

last entry September 17th, 2013 but blog is still open  

Jenn's Random Scraps  - Southern California, USA

Jersey Photos - One A Day

Jimmy's Opinion

John eos shooter -  nature photography

John's Island - Seattle, Washington

Junie's Place

Junk Boat Travels  -  Jackie - Toronto, Canada

Just Call Me Jo

Just capture...  -  Singapore

Just Fluttering Around  -  Marie Flutterby, Canada

Just Me Taking Photos  -  Campbelltown, NSW, Australia

Just Photos by Irene Romkes Horgen  -  Norway

Just Us  

Handmade in Israel  -  Lisa in Israel

Keyhole Pictures

KidFriendly DC  - a go-to resource for recreation with kids in the Washington DC-Metro area.  

Knatolee's World - Eastern Ontario, Canada

Knitting Kat

Kubek  -  Greece

Lady Fi

Larainy Days

Las Adventuras  -  Chris

Lavender Cottage  -  Innisfil, Ontario, Canada 

Lavender Dreams

The mountains of North Carolina and the Sunshine State, USA 

Lea's Menagerie  -  Mississippi, USA

Leave It To Davis

Lee May' Garden Life  - a blog that is now closed but is such a wealth of information and its host has been kind enough to leave it open.

Lense Moments  -  great travel photographs by Minami San

Les Fous du Cap - The Cape Gannets

Let The Good Times Roll

Let Your Light Shine  -  Ginny, Waynesboro, Virginia, USA      

Life According to Jan and Jer

Life After Money  -   North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom 

Life and Thyme  -  Pickering, North Yorkshire

(Life as we know it...)  -  Mike in Ohio, USA

Life at Golden Pines

Life in the Bogs

Life in the Carolina Mountains  -  Cheri Wildcatwoods, Carolina Mountains, USA

Light-in-a-Box  -  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lilac Gate

Linda Gross Photography    -     Pennsylvania, USA

Linda's Lens  -  Linda, Portland, Oregon

Linda Making Photography

Linda's Lair  -  Montreal, Canada

Little Wandering Wren - travels between Thailand, UK and Australia

Live by the sun, love by the moon - Saun in Ohio, USA

Live in the Moment

Livert i Lia  -  Norwegian Blog near Drangedal

Living in Black Mountain, NC

Living in the Land of Oz  -  Lynda D, Australia

Living in Williamsburg  -  Darryl and Ruth, Williamsbug, Virginia, USA

Livin' It Up Country

Living Life on Main Street  -  Latane from USA

Llandudno Daily Pictures  - Wales, UK

Loose Leaf Notes  -  Colleen from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA

Louisiana Belle  -  Gail from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 

Louisiana Naturalist - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Love That Image  -  Sara from Seattle, Washington, USA

Lovely Crafty Home

LPA Rebuild - Dublin Ireland

Lui Is In Heaven

Lunch Break  -  Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago


Mad Snapper  -  Florida, USA 

Magical Mystical Teacher - Sonoran Desert, USA

MagicLoveCrow - Canada

Magpie's Nest  -  Patty in Virginia, USA

Magnolia  -  Chip and Joanna Gaines, Waco, Texas

Magsx2's Blog

Maine: Lily Pond Reflections


Mamabug's Nature Photos

Mammoth Lakes Daily Photo  -  Mammoth Lakes, California, USA

Mangia e Beve  -  Anne and Ed, Virginia, USA

Marci's Blog

Marina's Life and Family  -  Greece

Martha's Musings

Maschas Buch

Match the Pictures  -  New Jersey, USA

May Dreams Gardens  -  Carol in Indiana, USA

McGuffy's Reader  -   Ann, Great Lakes, USA

MC Images  -  Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Me, Boomer and The Vermilion River

Mersad Donko Photography  -  Mersad in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Melody Johnson  -  Hixson, Tennessee, USA

Midlands Birder - The Midlands, England

Midwest to Midlands

Mila's World Of Colours

Mille Fiori Favoriti  -  Pat in Colorado / New York, USA

Minoru's Photo Diary  - Tokyo, Japan

Miss Mustard Seed  -  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - Antiques and Home Decorating

Misty's Musings: My Dogs Keep Me Sane  -  Missouri, USA 

Mixed Weather - Gemma, Melbourne, Australia

Mohave Journal  -  Laughlin, Nevada, USA

Montana Girl  -  Montana, USA

Monumental Thoughts  -  Washington, DC, USA

Mornington Peninsula Daily  -  Gemma, Melbourne, Australia

mrs nesbitt's space  -  Denise in England

Mukiltea Daily Photo  -  Washington State, USA

Murrieta 365  -  California, USA

Musings  -  Kay in Honolulu, HI, USA

My Backyard  -  Celeste in Arizona, USA

My Family and other Cricketers

My Favorite Things  -  Debby Ray in Central North Carolina, USA

My Five Men - Betsy in Ohio, USA

My Hot Pink Passport  -  Karisa, an American girl who likes to travel

My Iowa Garden

My Life in Charente   -  France

My Nature Photography  - Umea, Sweden

My photos taken in and around the Forest of Dean

My Santa Fe - Kate


Myth and Moor  -  Dartmoor, Devonshire, UK

My Travelibrary Photos from Home and Away - located in Torquay

My Vintage Life  -  Meg from a small town in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia 

My Woodland Garden - Sara in Eastern Finland

Nature Observances

Nature Tales and Camera Trails  

Neath My Heart   -  Kolkata, West Bengal, India  

Neko Random  -  Spartanburg, North Carolina, USA

New Hampshire Garden Solutions - New Hampshire, USA

News from Indian Country

News from The "Pole" Yard  -  Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Nick's Bytes

Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla  -  USA

Noke  -  Bernburg

Nomad, interrupted, Catbird in the USA  

Non-Stop Birding  -  Peter Hackbridge, Greater London, UK

Normandy Life  -  Maggie, Normandy, France

Norsk Needlework: at Home  -  Cynthia Wasner 

Northern Illinois Birder  -  Jon, Illinois, USA - last post dated Friday, June 14th, 2013 but still open for browsing, with very nice bird photography and identification.

Northwest Natural Moments

NoVA Outdoors - Northern Virginia Park, Playground and More, Review Website

Oahu Daily Blog - Lisa in Kailua, Hawaii - last post was in 2013 but there are many beautiful photos on here to browse.

Oatmeal and Whimsy: a nest for the soul - Gayla in the Midwest, USA.

Odyseeing - Kevin and Maureen - Indiana, USA - traveling around the USA.

Old Lady Lincoln - Patty - Ohio, USA - last post was on Sunday, December 29th, 2019 but blog is still open.

Old Rags - has not been updated for many years but is still open.  Wonderful photos on costumes.

One Good Thing

One Good Thing by Jillee

On the Trail with Mark, Mike and Tony - last post was August 16th, 2014 but still open.

Ook, she wrote - Jebediah, Hamburg, Germany - last post was January 26th, 2015 but blog still open.

Opening the Heart - Sao Paulo, Brazil - last post September 15th, 2019 but blog still open.

Orchid's Daily Voice - Miyako, Japan

Orvokki4you  - Espoo, Finland

Out of his Mind - Bill, Pacific Northwest, USA  

Our Country Cove Life - Canada

Our Little House in the Woods  -  Chy in Canada

Out and about in Cooloola  -  Australia - last post May 7th, 2017 but still open.

Out To Lunch With A Side of Laughter - Latane and Shirley, Mom and Daughter in Virginia, USA

Ozark Grace

Panther Island Adventures  -  Fort Meyers/Naples, Southwest Florida, USA

Parched Paper and the Quill  

Paris and Beyond  -  Genie, originally from Mobile, Alabama, USA

Paris Encore  -  Paris, France

Pat and Jerry  -  California, USA

Pat's Addition - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Paying Ready Attention - Photo Gallery - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Pegplant  -  Gardening News, Resources and Plants in the VA, MD and DC Area

Penelope Puddisms: BC Life Is A Whale Of A Ride

Phamily blog -  Anne in Northglenn, Colorado, USA    


photo fun  

Photogeography  -  Poland

Photo journey daily  -  India

Photographic Wildlife Stories in Hong Kong

Photographing New Zealand

Photography By Jane

Photos by Emilio  -  Southwestern USA, via Italy

Photos by Diane Xander - Florida Gulf Coast, USA

Photos by Jana

Photos by Mak - A Photography Blog

Photos from the Mind's Eye  -  Stewart from the UK

Pics & Pieces

Pics and Poems

Pictorial Reminiscence  -  Lee Anne, USA

Pieces of Contentment  -  Karen in Australia

Pierced Wonderings  -  Mississipi Gulf Coast, USA

Pixel Posts  -  Ontario, Canada

Playing With My Camera  -  Pamela, New Brunswick, Canada

Pluff Mud Perspectives - Cathy in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Point and Shoot

Poems from Cuby  -  Truro, Cornwall, UK

Postcards - Mage in Ocean Beach, California, USA

Powell River Books Blog

Prescott Area Daily Photo - Judy, Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA

Princesa Nadi 

Promote Thanet - Don in Thanet, UK

Prunella's potters  

Puffing the Pillows  -  Stacey, Texas, USA

Quirky Anonymous - Ginnia - South Africa

Raggedy Creations  -  USA

Rain's Garden - Laurentian Mountains in Eastern Canada

Rambles With A Camera   - Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom  
Ramblings from an English Garden  -  Barbara from North East London, UK

Ramblings of a Roachling

Ramblin' through Dave's Garden  -  Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Rambling Woods  -  Michelle  -  USA

Ramona's Home Place  - Upwey, Victoria, Australia

Random Vintage Squares

Ramsey Daily Photo

R.A. Ranch Berskhires  -  Ryan  

Raven Ridge Gardens - Christine, Trinidad, California, USA

Reader Wil

Recollections of a Vagabonde  

Grew up in Paris, now living in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Red and the Peanut

Red-Shouldered Hawks of Tinsgrove and Beyond  

Mary - Borowick Farms, Kentucky, USA

Retired and loving it  -   Chris in Ontario, Canada

Rio de Janeiro Daily Photo

Rivercrest Rose Garden - Denise in Carolina, USA


Roaming the Planet  -  Day trips around the Metropolitan DC Area

Roadtrek Girl  -  Traveling the USA

Rollercoaster Mum - Rebecca, UK

Romping and Rolling in the Rockies - KB Bear, Colorado, USA

Rose from Oz - North Queensland, Australia and Rose has a new blog which is:
Fitzy's (mostly solo) travels - Rose in North Queensland, Australia

Roses, Lace and Brocante   

Rose Street Reflections  - Amy, Alabama, USA 

Rosyfinch Ramblings  -  South Florida, USA

San Diego Travel Blog

Sandy Straits and Beyond  -  Mick and Mash  -  South East Queensland, Australia

Santa Fe Daily Photo  -  Randy in New Mexico, USA

Saratoga woods and waterways  -  Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

Saucy Siciliana

Savicious Photography

Say Cheese

Scene of Tranquility  -  Thomas from Klang (hometown Kuantan), Selangor, Malaysia      

Scenes from A Slowmoving Train  -  Annie from Turlock, California, USA

Scene Through My Eyes    -   JoAnn from Bellingham, Washington, USA            

Scenic Pictures

Scenic Weekends  -  Melbourne, Australia

Schmidleysscribbling  -  Diane, Virginia, USA

Seeing Beauty Photography

Seasons in the Valley


Senior Adventures - Linda in South Central Texas, USA 

Senior Hiker

Senior Moments

Sexta-feira  -  Evi, a Greek lady living in the USA

Shades of Grey

Shine Your Light - Lisa, Massachusetts - home improvement blog

Shoot by Twiggy

Shooting My Universe

Silverspring Acres Labors of Love

Simfonia florilor  -  Ileana from Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania

Simple Sequins

Simply This  -  Arizona, USA


Sinbad and John Lee from Santa Rosa, California, USA 

Sir Thomas of Sorbie  -  Indiana, USA

Small City Scenes of Stanford - Stanwood, Washington, USA  

Small Kucing - Malaysia

Snap Happy Birding  -  Carole M.  -  Lake MacQuarie, N.S.W., Australia

Snap Happy Online   -  also as above, Carole M. -  Lake MacQuarie, N.S.W., Australia

Snapshot: Day 366


So Adorable..

Something Interesting - Interesting places around the world

Southern DayDreams  -  Celstina Marie, Texas, USA

South Sky Photography

So What's Happening


Spare Parts and Pics  -  Southern California, USA

Spuds Daily Photo  -  Bill Nicholls, United Kingdom

Spuds Rural Explorations  -  Bill Nicholls, Oxfordshifre, UK

Squirrel's View - Squirrel in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, USA

Stephen Tabone's Nature Photography  - USA 

Stephen L. Tabone Nature Photography - USA

Steve Creek, Wildlife Photographer  -  Arkansas, USA

Stitch Lines  -  Linda H., New Brunswick, Canada 

Stone Cottage Adventures - Marci, North West Arkansas, USA

Strategic Shopping Network  -  Marlyn, Virginia, USA 

Strawberry Jam Anne - UK

St. Nicholas and Christmas all year long - country unknown

Stuff and Nonsense

Summer Daisies  -  Summer

Sunny Day Today Mama

Sunny Side Up  -  Eve, USA - last entry March 10th, 2013 but still open

SuperDogSweepy  -  The Philippines.  

Sweet Bay  -  North Carolina, USA

Sweethearts & Sweet Tarts

Sweet Memories  -  Jama from Singapore

Sweet Nothings  -  BJ, Colorado, USA

Sweet Romantic Notions  -  Jefferson, Massachusetts, USA

Sycamore Canyon  -  Kathie, now living in New England, USA

last entry Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 but blog is still open.

Sycamore Canyon Birds - Kathie, now living in New England, USA - last entry July 20th, 2010 but blog is still open.

Sylvia From Over The Hill  -  the Northwest, USA

Tahiti Daily Photo - French Polynesia

Take 25 to Hollister - Hollister, California, USA

Taking Time For A Walk - Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Tales from the Backroad - Mary and Al, USA

Tales from Twisty Lane

Tante Malis Gartenblog  -  Kärnten, Austria

Tatjanaparkacheva Photography

Tawny Moon Studio  -  UK

Tea in England

That British Woman - Gill in Canada

The Blessed Hearth - Faye Henry in New Brunswick, Canada 

The Busy Bug - UK

The Clockhouse Chronicle

The Cool Hunter

The Cottage By Crane Lake

The Cubby Poet - last entry Monday, May 7th, 2012 but still open 

The Early Birder - Adam in Manchester, UK 

The Freckled Rose - Angie Rose from New England, USA

The Farmer's Daughter  -  Cheryl, Missouri, USA 

The Frog and the PenguINN  -  Beatrice and Grenville, the Eastern Shore, Virginia, USA

The Garden Diaries

The Garden-Roof Coop

The Gift of a Moment Captured with a Lens

The Glebe Blog  -  Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom 

The Greatest of These is Love - Liz in Brisband, QLD, Australia

The Greenockian - Greenock, Inverclyde, Scotland

The Happy Wanderer

Ellen b. - Seattle and Southern California

The Hill House Diaries

The Joys of a Simple Life

The Last Visible Dog  -  Katherine, New Zealand

The Little White Cottage in the Woods 

The Low Carb Diabetic  - information and health news

The Main Ingredient

The Natural Web - Mary Anne Borge, New Jersey, USA

The Nature of Things - Dorothy, Texas, USA

The Zen of Motherhood

Thick and Thin  -  Janey and Co, North Texas, USA

Thin spiral notebook  -  Florida, USA

This and That, Here and There  -  Linley S - Perth, Western Australia

This Is My Blog  -  Tom from Kent, Ohio, USA

this n that

Thistle Cove Farm  -  South Carolina 

Through the Eyes of Tweedles - Molalla, Oregon, USA 

Tickle Berty Moon - Saun in Ohio, USA

Time Stands Still  -  Rose

Tina's PicStory  -  Stuttgart, Germany

Today's Flowers

Tom the Backroads Traveller - USA 

Traveling Bug - Kelleyn in Georgia, USA

Traveling Cats  -  Vanessa currently in Belgium

Travel's Here and Abroad  -  Valerie in South Australia  

Travels with Birds - David in Ontario, Canada

Travels with Eileen  -  Maryland, USA

Traveling Bug - Kelleyn, USA

Two Barking Dogs

Two Bears Farm - Lisa in the Blue Ridge Mountains, USA  

Two Shutterbirds - Chris and Elisa, USA

US Wildflowers Journal  -  Georgia, USA

Viewing Nature with Eileen

Views from the Castle  - old blog but still open - UK

View thru My Global Lens

Vilt og Vakkert (Wild and Beautiful)  -  Norway

Vintage Vixen  -  Vicky, Walsall, UK

Virginia Trail Guide

Wake Up World

Wander Essence  -  another blog HERE - USA

Wandering Wren  - Brit presently living in Australia

Weeding on the Wild Side  -  Hannah in the Pacific Northwest, USA

Weedy Acres Home  -   Marilyn, Kentucky, USA

What Karen Sees

What's In My Attic?

What We Keep

What will I tell my grandchildren?  -  Milton Keynes, Bucks., UK

What You Do Not Know About Me Because You Are Not Me

WheelingIt  -  Full Time RV'er's 

When the bough breaks

Whimbrel Nature Blog  -  Elijah Goodwin, Falls Church, Virginia, USA

Why Click  -  Bangalore, India

Wilde About Birds  -  UK 

Wild and Wonderful  -  Caroline in Suffolk, UK

Wild Sri Lanka

Wildlife Photography

Wishes and Dreams and Other Things  - Ida from Walla Wall, WA USA

Woman Freebies

Women of History

Women Talk About Life  -  SweetMarie from Florida, USA

Worth a Thousand Words  -  California, USA

WP3 Photography - last entry May 11th, 2015 but beautiful photography to enjoy.

Write in Motion 

Writer Cramps - Gattina from Germany but now lives in Brussels, Belgum

Writing in Faith - Sandy in Connecticut, USA  Virginia Wildflowers

Wsprsweetly of Cottages - Mona - not sure of Mona's location  

Virginia Wildflowers - a natural history gallery of wildflowers and mushrooms 

Veronica Roth - Veronica's time is spent between the UK and Canada 

Virginia Views - Virginia, USA  

Visual St. Paul - Kate in St. Paul, Minnesota

Yogi's Den - Oklahoma, USA

Zen Through A Lens - A great bug blog  

Zsa Zsa Bellagio